warehouse air conditioning
air condition your warehouse for 80 percent less energy

air exchangerRevolutionary Indirect Evaporative Process Controls Temperature, Humidity, and Air Quality for 80% Less Energy Than Traditional Air Conditioning

Get huge instant energy rebates to offset the cost of installation!

Here's the secret: traditional air conditioning is expensive, wildly inefficient. Compressing refrigerant is out dated - left over from a bygone era. It takes tremendous energy and it's not necessary. Warehouse air conditioning has found a better way. Instead of cooling through refrigerant compression, we create cool air by taking advantage of what nature already gives us - the differential of relative humidity.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking this sounds like swamp cooling.

It's not.

Swamp cooling introduces moisture into the air. We don't do that. We use a process called Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IDC). IDC uses heat exchangers to take advantage of evaporative cooling without introducing moisture into the environment.

We all know energy prices will continue to rise. If your energy bill is $15,000 per month now, it may be twice that two years from now. Can you afford to take that chance? It's time to cut your monthly electric bill by 80 percent using what nature gives us, the difference in relative humidity. The cost you save now could double in the years to come.

IDC uses fan motors with small energy requirements instead of compressor motors with BIG energy requirements. We don't compress anything. We don't have to. Traditional air conditioning is inefficient, woefully inefficient. With IDC the cooling is the same and the energy cost is a mere fraction. We explain how in the Engineering Specifications section above.

What's the downside to evaporative cooling?

There is a downside and here it is: You can only cool your the environment to 74 degrees.

74 degrees!!! Why would I ever need to go colder than 74 degrees? Unless you're building a refrigerator, you don't.

The energy savings in IDC systems are unbelievable. Do you want proof? Click on Case Study above and learn how one warehouse owner installed IDC into an un-air conditioned space and the energy bill went down.

You heard that right. The warenouse had no air conditioning. We installed the IDC air conditioning, reducing the inside temperature from 105 degrees to 78 degrees, and the ELECTRIC BILL WENT DOWN!!!

How did the electric bill go down?

It went down for two reasons:

1. Only the offices (located inside the warehouse) were air conditioned. These air conditioners were no longer needed now the entire space was cooled.

2. The equipment in the warehouse operated better and more efficiently at lower temperatures.

IDC used less energy to cool the entire warehouse than air conditioning the office space alone.

We're not done yet. Here's the kicker.

The business got a $109,000 instant rebate from the electric company (25% off the first year's savings in energy). The rebate offset 30 percent of the installation cost!

Advantages of Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Indirect evaporative cooling conditions the air completely. It's used for warehouses, laboratories, sporting facilities, pharmaceutical rooms, and casinos. It is a perfect to efficiently cool large spaces. Totally conditioning the environment requires control over three things:

1. Temperature: IDC systems cool the air to 74 degrees. It does this using proprietary technology that DOES NOT introduce moisture into the air.

2. Relative Humidity: IDC systems control humidity with sensors and hybrid technology. You can set inside humidity to what you want, from dry to moist, depending on your requirements.

3. Pressurization: IDC systems produce POSITIVE ROOM PRESSURE by introducing HEPA filtered air. If you run a clean room, you know the importance of positive air pressure in your environment. Without positive pressure you are sucking in contaminates and dust. IDC systems keep the environment clean naturally by blowing contaminants out, not sucking them in.