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How A Warehouse Owner In Southern California Installed A Warehouse Air Conditioning System And Saved 80 Percent Over Traditional Air Conditioning


This installation was at a warehouse, located in Southern California. It was a paper box manufacturer. Their operations were located in a 45,000 warehouse. The outdoor air temperature ranged from 70 degrees in the winter to 110 in the summer.

The warehouse was divided into offices and production space, with 90 percent of it being production space. In the production space were large printing presses used to print the boxes. The rest was production and storage. Due to the high power consumption of the presses the warehouse indoor temperature could reach as high a 130 degrees during the summer. The presses alone produced 150 tons of heat. The offices were cooled separately by traditional air conditioning.

The estimated cooling required to handle the warehouse (and offices) was 385 tons. The cost of a traditional air conditioning system of this capacity is $585,000. The cost of an indirect evaporative cooling (IDC) system is $485,000.

Since they produce boxes used in the food industry this is a G-M-P facility. This means indoor air quality must comply with F.D.A. standard. A G-M-P facility has requirements for air cleanliness, humidity, and pressurization.

The electric bill was about $40,000 per month.

What Was Done

1. We installed a 2-stage indirect cooling system to cool both the warehouse and the offices. The initial cost of the system was $485,000 not including the instant rebate.

2. The old air conditioning, used to cool the offices and presses, was no longer required. These were removed (along with the electricity used to run them).

3. The electric bill was lowered from $40,000 to $13,300 per month.

4. All the G-M-P requirements (cleanliness, humidity, temperature, room pressurization) were easily met by the new IDC system.

5. The warehouse space - that formally ran as high as 130 degrees in the summer - was a comfortable 78 degrees year round.

6. The electric company provides an instant rebate equal to 30 percent of the cost saved in the first year. The business owner received a rebate for $150,000 that was applied to lower the cost of installation.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling systems are ideal for a variety of applications including:

1. Laboratories
2. GMP (Government F.D.A Monitored) Facilities
3. Warehouses With Internal Offices
4. Humidity Controlled Environments
5. Environments Requiring Room Pressurization
6. Clean Rooms
7. Food Warehouses
8. Wineries
9. Food Production Facilities
10. Large Indoor Environments Such As Malls and Stadiums

Facts About IDC:

1. IDC systems have proven to be MORE RELIABLE than traditional air conditioning because they do not require the high pressure / high power of standard systems.

2. IDC systems use a hybrid of indirect and direct evaporative cooling plus a small supplemental traditional air conditioner to achieve minimum power consumption.

3. IDC uses direct evaporative cooling to introduce humidity when required. Traditional systems use air conditioning and add humidity with a humidifier (a horrendous waste of energy).

4. IDC systems are the Greenest cooling systems available requiring only 20% of the power used by a comparable traditional air conditioner.

5. IDC systems use low power fans not high power compressors.

6. IDC systems create positive indoor air pressure. This drives dust and contaminants out of the environment. Traditional systems suck dust and contaminants into the environment.

7.  IDC systems are perfect for low relative humidity areas such as the American Southwest.

8. IDC systems are perfect for any environment with high ventilation requirements.


As you can see, the benefits of an IDC system (over traditional air conditioning) are tremendous. IDC systems are the cleanest, greenest, most socially responsible systems on the market. They comply with the United States Government FDA requirements for G-M-P environments.

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